Welcome to comp-u-tech computers!

Welcome to comp-u-tech computers!

Welcome to comp-u-tech computers!Welcome to comp-u-tech computers!Welcome to comp-u-tech computers!

Business Hours

Tuesday-Friday:  11:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Saturday:  11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Closed Sundays and Mondays



Comp-U-Tech is a unique store that places the customer first. Our  friendly professional staff is here to make sure that all of your needs  are met upon walking into the store.  We understand that our customers  are conscientious about spending too much, or being overcharged for  technical work.

We offer the best prices in town, and we actively  work to ensure that you know what is happening with your machine.  We do  not have any hidden fees, or extra costs, we will notify you of every  problem and cost we run across while working on your machine. We offer a  free basic diagnostic at the front of the store, so we can inform you  of the issues that we find with your machine quickly and easily.

At  the front of the store, we can perform the work in front of you every  step of the away to ensure that you get your computer back as soon as  you need it. Comp-U-Tech will work on any machine, operating system, or  network that you have or wish to have.  We will answer any question you  may have about your device, no matter how technical or simple it is. A  professional Comp-U-Tech employee will also work on your network or  machine from your home, office, or business as well.  We offer service  contracts to businesses, for monthly maintenance, upkeep, and other  transactions as well.

 We perform custom computer builds, designs,  and implementations for whatever purpose you wish to use it for. We  have a selection of the finest used and refurbished desktops, laptops,  and servers.  Comp-U-Tech sells used LCD Monitors and LED monitors at a  modest price. We have a plethora of high-end machines and accessories to  chose from.  From network cables, to USB devices, mouse &  keyboards, SATA cables, computer-friendly cleaning supplies, adapters,  and other miscellaneous hardware you may need. We also offer a free data  wipe, or complete destruction of your hard-drive, and will accept  equipment to be sent for recycling. Comp-U-Tech Computers is proud to be  independently owned and operated for over 25 years.

Comp-U-Tech  was founded in the late 1980’s as a “garage startup.” Our first  brick-and-mortar location’s grand opening was held in Hammond in 1992,  then moving in 2008 to our current location in Highland. In 2010 we  completed work on our expanded storefront. Come in the store, and let us  know you’ve been to the website, and we will offer you a discount on  any machine you purchase.

Computer Repair

Comp-U-Tech specializes in hardware repair services, such as: Screen replacements, power jacks, motherboards, batteries, graphics cards, Power Supplies, DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Drives, Processors, Heatsinks, Memory replacement + memory tests, Hard Drive replacement + HDD tests, Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, Network Cards, and most accessories. We sell all of these components, new and used. We service most brands of computers. Software is another service we provide, such as: operating system upgrades, operating system reinstalls, virus removals, driver updates, software updates, registry cleaning, password resets, data recovery, and data backups. We will also perform work over the counter for you, although most issues will require you to leave your equipment in our hands overnight.

Free Basic Diagnostics

Bring in your laptop, desktop, or tablet and we will provide you with a free basic diagnostic. This diagnostic we perform will tell you all of the issues we find, or potential issues that may be on the horizon. We will inform you of the issue your computer is having, how to resolve, and how much it costs. Many places will charge you just to visually look at the machine, but we provide this service for you, completely free of charge.

Complete Systems

Comp-U-Tech has a large selection of refurbished computers, desktops and laptops. We repair computers, with only the finest parts with the experience and professionalism from some of the best techs around. We have a select list of software that we use to help keep your system running as smooth and clean as the day you purchased it.

Custom Builds

We offer the service of custom building you a personal computer, workstations for your office, a server or servers, or even a gaming computer. We can meet your budget and ensure that you get the right final product for the right price. We can order the parts, set up the system, and install the software. If you’re a walk-in customer, we can assemble the machine for you and put the finishing touches on it while you wait. If you’re a business, we can install your computer(s) on-site for you to ensure that everything is working to our high-grade Comp-U-Tech standards.





8929 Indianapolis Blvd. Suite E

Highland, IN 46322

Phone:  (219) 923-8333

Email us:  techguys@comcast.net









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