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Computer Repair

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Computech specializes in hardware repair services, such as: Screen replacements, power jacks, motherboards, batteries, graphics cards, Power Supplies, DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Drives, Processors, Heatsinks, Memory replacement + memory tests, HardDrive replacement + HDD tests, Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, Network Cards, and most accessories.  We sell all of these components, new and used.  We will work on any machine: Apple, Windows, Linux, Chrome, and Android.

Software is another service we provide, such as: operating system upgrades, operating system reinstalls, virus removals, driver updates, software updates, registry cleaning, password resets, data recovery, and data backups.

We will also perform work over the counter for you, although most issues will require you to leave your equipment in our hands overnight.

Free Diagnostics

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Bring in your laptop, desktop, or tablet and we will provide you with a free basic diagnostic. This diagnostic we perform will tell you all of the issues we find, or potential issues that may be on the horizon. We will inform you of the issue your computer is having, how to resolve, and how much it costs.

Many places will charge you just to visually look at the machine, but we provide this service for you, completely free of charge.


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Networks, wireless or wired, are well within our technological grasp. We do perform on-site diagnostics, consultations, setup, configuration, and installation for your business network. We can update and maintain your current configurations, or we can build you a new one from scratch. Computech can perform server administration, router configurations, wifi setup + signal tests, switch configuration, and all of the cabling.

We offer real-time practical solutions to any networking issue you may have with your business.

Service Contracts

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We offer a number of different approaches to setting up service contracts, or agreements, in advance with Computech Computers. We will gladly work on a contract with you personally, day or night, and we’re willing to help you in anyway we can. We can offer your business a number of services to make sure that your company has the technological advantage over your competitors. You can also purchase blocks of hours in advance for any on-site emergency you may have, at 5, 10 or 15 hours at a time.

Setting up a service contract in advance is cheaper and less hassle than asking for a one-time onsite. Any one-time on-sites must be paid upon completion, and most on-sites can be completed within 24 hours.

Ask us about setting up a service contract, and the owner will personally work with you to make sure that your technological needs are met within a timely manner.

Complete Systems

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Computech has a large selection of refurbished computers, desktops and laptops. We repair computers, with only the finest parts with the experience and professionalism from some of the best techs around. We have a select list of software that we use to help keep your system running as smooth and clean as the day you purchased it.

We offer a 30 day warranty on all items over $100 in cost.

Custom Builds

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We offer the service of custom building you a personal computer, workstations for your office, a server or servers, or even a gaming computer. We can meet your budget and ensure that you get the right final product for the right price.

We can order the parts, set up the system, and install the software. If you’re a walk-in customer, we can assemble the machine for you and put the finishing touches on it while you wait. If you’re a business, we can install your computer(s) on-site for you to ensure that everything is working to our high-grade computech standards.